Clayton Pollard

Graphic Design and Artwork

Wedding Invitations

Here is our wedding invitation! We commissioned an amazing artist to do the image. It is actually the wedding photo of Sara’s great-grandparents with the heads of our puppies. Something different for sure.

Check out the artist –  Mike Sivak – he was wonderful! Not only is he an amazing artist, but he was fantastic to deal with and has great pricing.


Horror High


This was a fun little piece. I used an old 63′ High School yearbook for the reference photos and found people that looked liked my favorite horror movie characters. At some point in the future I am going to silkscreen these onto some cool looking paper. Right now this is just digital.

Blind Date – Watercolor

[singlepic id=58 w=800 h=800 ]

I gave one of my friends a black and white version of the Blind Date Woodcut Print. She used watercolor to add color. I think it looks great. Missy Lindsey for the win!


This is a companion piece to go with Tributary (the Marilyn Monroe silkscreen). It is a 3 Color Silkscreen, using 2 opaque colors and 1 translucent. Eventually, I will finish this set with Janis Joplin as a personification of wind and Clint Eastwood as Earth.

3D Camera!

A $10 thrift store find turned into a whole lot of interesting problem solving which turned into some cool gifs. Check out my Imgur page.




Here is my print for the upcoming PlatetoneRed Delicious Press print swap.

[singlepic id=28 w= h= float=none]

The theme of this swap was Tributaries. Instead of literally approaching this theme, I wanted to think about tributaries in a social aspect. I thought Marilyn Monroe would be a good example of a celebrity that contributed and helped strengthen American pop culture. She also, in a abstract way, characterized water to me.

There will be more of these coming. I want to carry this theme through to all four elements and have corresponding American celebrities.

Collaborative Works

My friend Eugene and I decided to collaborate on some paintings! Here is some of the progress in no particular order.

I added some more spray paint and then gold leafing to the image and  then hit a point where I wasn’t sure what else to do. So back to Eugene it goes. We will see what he does with it.


So here is the newest image of the first painting. It has been passed back and forth a few times and is fairly close to being done.

He has just handed me this amazing painting to add on to. I must say it is fairly intimidating. We will see what happens with it.

New Work

Here is the first monotype print of my woodcut. I am still going to do an edition of silk-screened colors. This was just me messing around in the studio and happy to have a press again. The plexi-glass slipped some from registration, but it still turned out alright. The image size ended up being 25″x25″.

This is the giant wood-cut I have almost finished. It will be accompanied with 4 or 5 silk-screened colors. I might turn this into a series. The main idea is using an astronaut to represent uncomfortable and alienating feelings in  every-day situations. This print will probably be called ‘Blind Date’.


Here is a new painting I have been working on. It is just a fun idea that I might do more of. I also wanted to try a layering effect using acrylic gel medium on a cradled panel. I wanted this layering technique to add more depth and atmosphere to the painting. The robot and squid are painted last to make them seem closer and more prominent to the viewer.